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Tuesday, 17 March 2015 21:54
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The First Congress for an Anarchist Federation of Central America and the Caribbean (FACC). 21st and 22nd of March.

Primer Congreso para una Federacion Anarquista de Centro America y el Caribe (FACC). 21 y 22 de marzo. Presentacion del I Congreso de la FACC.

Watch the video a few days before the congress with English subtitles!


See also Facebook page:

Thursday, 12 March 2015 23:36
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The following message is passed on from the FdA (German-speaking Anarchist Federation, part of the International of Anarchist Federations)

12th March 2015

After the Greek elections from January 25, 2015 the left-wing party Syriza took over the government in a coalition with the national-conservative party of the Independent Greeks.

As Anarchist Radio Berlin we talked to comrades from Greece in order to learn more about what to expect from this new government, as anarchists but also as part of the autonomous and self-organization movements.

We can present you two audios that cover different aspects of how to look at the Greek situation today. One interview was made with Leonidas from the anarchist hip-hop collective Social Waste, the other with three members of the Athens-based Group of Libertarian Communists.

You'll find both audios (to listen online or download in different sizes) here:

1) Social Waste - Length: 10:04 min

2) Group of Libertarian Communists -Length: 17:33 min

Enjoy! And please feel free to share!
You'll find other English language audios here:

A-Radio Berlin

Sunday, 01 March 2015 13:41
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Things are happening in the Midlands. We're working on a coordination to bring together AF members and interested persons, mainly in the East Midlands (Notts, Derbys, Leics, Lincs) but handling the West (including Birmingham), North (up to Doncaster) and South (down to Northampton) too. So if you are in any of these areas get in touch! The best point of contact is or or

If you are in any other of the above Midland areas and you are interested in the AF, just get in touch with Nottingham address.

See also:

@Anarchy_LE - Leicestershire Twitter. - Notts blog.

Friday, 27 February 2015 21:49
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'Angry Not Apathetic'
We are saying this instead of the usual 'don't vote, organise' as it takes the focus away from just 'not voting' and confronts the media myth that those who don't vote or don't get engaged by the general election must be 'apathetic' about the state of things under the capitalist system.

Resistance special issue
It's ready. Download it, or read online, and please spread the link!

Contents: What anarchists do instead of voting, Labour and the Unions, Lib-dems: a student's view, Green Party "Tories on Bikes", Syriza in Greece, Suffragettes, Russell Brand. 8 pages.

Social media
A new Facebook page is here

Twitter is and you can also use the hashtag #AngryNotApathetic
So to support the campaign please follow and retweet the @angernotapathy twitter account, and/or post your own anti-election/anti-parliament stuff with the hashtag #AngryNotApathetic

More coming soon!

Friday, 16 January 2015 18:21
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The latest issue of the AF's twice yearly magazine is out as a free PDF download from our website.

Organise! issue 83, Winter 2014: THEIR AUSTERITY, THEIR WARS, THEIR REPRESSION ... OUR RESISTANCE. Chinese workers' struggles, Arab Summer, Morocco & Eqypt, new Caribbean Anarchist Federation, Slovenian anarchist interview & Balkan bookfair report, Iceland, French 19th C. silk workers revolt, Frans Maserreel anarchist artist. 

More details:

Most back issues are available for download or reading online:

Look out for the first 2015 issue in May.

Anarchist Federation:

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