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Meet the Green Boss - climate camp leaflet, discussion, report & paper

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An AF leaflet for the Camp for Climate Action 2009 events talking place in London and elsewhere can now be downloaded or viewed online. We also introduced a discussion at the London camp on the Friday, Making our workplaces Red, Black and Green. Read on for details, a report summarising the discussions had & a new perspective paper by AF members who participated in the camp.

Making our workplaces Red, Black and Green

Update1 : read report summarising the discussions had.

Update 2: perspective paper by AF members who participated in the camp

MM2 Fri: 10:30-11:30

A short, introductory discussion outlining the history of ecological struggles in the workplace. This will be followed by an open debate/discussion focusing on some key practical issues: - How do we challenge the perceived divide between the workers and ecological movement? Why is it important? - What are the limitations of “Green” trade unions and how do we re-connect with rank-and-file workers? - What could a “Green New Deal” mean for us? How do we interact with workers tied into the carbon economy?

Download leaflet PDF: Meet the Green Boss, Same as the Old Boss

Alternatively, click images to view online, or read text and comments on Indymedia UK

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