for class struggle anarchism
Issue 43

(Free to Prisoners)


ACF pamphlets in Serbo-Croat (and Greek)
Thanks to the efforts of comrades in Yugoslavia we now have translations of our pamphlets As We See It and The Role of the Revolutionary Organisation available in Serbo-Croat. If you know anybody who speaks Serbo-Croat in Britain, or you have contacts in Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia, Slovenia or Macedonia where Serbo-Croat is understood then why not send them copies. They are available for 50p plus post from the London ACF address c/o 84b Whitechapel High St. London E1 7QX. Similarly we have a Greek translation of As We See It. If you can circulate this among the Greek speaking population here, or you have contacts in Greece or Cyprus, then why not send for a copy? 50p plus post from London address. (A Portuguese translation of our Aims and Principles is also available for 20p plus postage)

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