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title: anarchist federation - organising for resistance

Sorry the Hereford AF group is no longer operating, but the people involved are still active with Hereford Heckler and other good stuff so please follow the relevant links.

Hereford Heckler #20 June/July 2011 out now... from Hereford Solidarity League -

The December 2009/January 2010 issue of the Hereford Heckler (bulletin of the Hereford Solidarity League) is out now. ..

Issue 11 (December 2009/January 2010) includes:

  • Shire Hall lobby - COUNCIL 1, IOC . . . . . . 0
  • “The old boys’ club” alive and well in the City Lobby
  • Helen Heckler - news and views
  • What next after the Climate carnivals?
  • New on Heckler TV - ‘Fighting Talk’
  • Taste of Raj busted - Free movement for all
  • Villagers battle to save pub - in Little Birch
  • A Short History of Women’s Football
  • Football Club Joins Fight to Save Jobs
  • Cheltenham Town Manager has no brain
  • Hereford’s radical history - appeal for your memories
The Hereford Heckler. This free bi-monthly bulletin is produced by Hereford Solidarity League, an anti-fascist community action group, and covers other social and environmental issues in the area. HEREFORD HECKLER NOW AVAILABLE ON THE WEB, WITH BLOG!. Originally not online, HH was keepin' it real with paper copies going into the houses, chip shops, and pubs that a website couldn’t reach, but it's hard to resist cyberspace for long.

Issue 10 (October/November 2009) included:

  • Our Hereford! - the campaign against the ESG
  • Bulmers axe jobs
  • Hunt Saboteurs
  • as well as: short news, anti-fascist news, sports, Helen Heckler column & more!
  • Latest news and all back issues.
  • Issue 4 - August/Sept 2008: Council to wreck city, News in brief, Heckler master plan for city (Edgar Street Grid redevelopment special), Anti-fascist news, Sport for the community, Max Mosley & more.
  • Issue 3 - June/July 2008: No Bypass!, Decent homes for all, 1940's anti-fascists, Hereford United promotion, Kick racist scum off our terraces, Anti-fascist news, Helen Heckler & more.
  • Issue 2 - April/May 2008: Film Banned in Hereford, Hereford's first LGBT festival, "They come over here, steal our jobs", Don't Mess with the fans or we'll mess with you, Anti-fascist news, Helen Heckler, Top 5 & more.
  • Issue 1 - Feb/March 2008: School Closures, Big Brother, Racist Attack, Anthony the Bigot, foreigners in football, Anti-fascist news, Top 5 & more.
Hereford Solidarity League works to build a society based on the ideas of freedom, equality and community. Anti-fascism is an important part of our politics, but we believe that all politicians, including those of fascist parties like the BNP, maintain a system of inequality, privilege and control that divides communities. Real change does not happen at the ballot box, and can only come about by independent working class action; that is, people looking out for eachother and organising themselves to deal with the problems that they experience on a day to day basis. Our aim is to increase the fighting spirit and self-confidence of working class people to change things for themselves.
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Read Hereford AF's older local bulletin, The Black Apple Press

We previously produced several other bulletins including Rebel Bull and also this one ...

The Hereford Insurgent

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