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Tuesday, 19 August 2014 12:42
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Once again the news coming out of Ireland regarding the welfare of women and children is both appalling and yet unsurprising.

The country which imprisoned and starved women and their babies for being respectively pregnant and illegitimate and which buried them in mass graves, has committed another atrocity against a woman. She is unnamed, a non-national, who speaks little English and was, at the time the crisis pregnancy began, a minor aged 17.

This woman has suffered multiple rapes. Firstly she was raped by the penis, then by the medical instruments wielded by doctors and other practitioners who forced the equipment into her body, down her throat and into her abdomen and womb. She was forced to carry the foetus she did not want. The whole horrible, sad mess is another example of how a male-based, church-based, state based power deals with women who don’t fit and accept its structure. When we do not accept the power of a male-based religion, a capitalist patriarchal state we are assaulted by its full strength.

When Savita Haloppanovar died in Galway 2 years ago, after being refused a termination despite being in the throes of miscarriage and suffering from septicaemia, many reproductive rights activists including myself, thought, this is it. They can’t allow any more disasters like this. The law will change, people needing terminations will be able to get them where they need them and when they need them. We thought the Irish State would not want to expose itself to any further international embarrassment. In the last month the Irish State has been heavily criticised by the United Nations for its cruel abortion legislation. But, no. The wheels of legislation rumble slowly and the bodies of those pregnant are ground between the cogs of the machine.

The State does not exist for the welfare of its citizens. The State exists for the benefit of, amongst others, the powerful and the rich, the religious hierarchy and those who benefit from patriarchy. We anarchists know this well. Horror stories such as this one will continue as long as we are governed . It will only be in an anarchist revolution that all the components of this horrible story, from male violence, oppressive state legislation, medical dominance, ageism where young people’s decision making is invalidated will be removed. The organisations working in Ireland are campaigning for the repeal of the 8th amendment. Whilst this will improve the situation it will not truly free us. The power of the state will remain.

Saturday, 28 June 2014 16:58
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“Those who don't know history are doomed to repeat it.” Edmund Burke

As the threat of war looms in Eastern Europe echoing the threat of a third World War yet to come, the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of World War One looms more as a lesson for our time than merely a dusty piece of history.

In 1914, a violent act of Slav nationalism took the breaks off Europe's alliances and treaty systems driving rival power blocks into a devastating armed conflict that wracked Europe with its consequences for the century to come. The current conflict is as much framed by treaties and timetables as then. Russia wants its share of Ukraine before it slides into the framework of the EU and NATO and the stakes would be higher.

Before the current fog over the Crimea there were those in Britain who sought to revise the First World War and claim it as a source of national pride and dress up the death of 13 million as a price worth paying in a “just” war. Were the millions of workers led into a war between ruling elites of bankers and aristocrats “lions led by donkeys” or true sons of freedom defending all that was good in Britain? The debate is a smoke screen to hide one of the greatest mass murders in history. It's hardly surprising that those who want to celebrate the generals and spirit of Empire and claim the war as “just” are the privileged great grandchildren of the “donkeys”.

The current conflict has the same roots as its historical predecessor – a conflict between elites, the gangster capitalism of the Russian oligarchs versus the free market plunderers of the neoliberal European club. “Just” or “unjust” is the new smokescreen again.

International conflicts between or within states only have one lesson, and that is those of us with no real stake, workers on both sides, die, lead or driven by the donkeys, to preserve their power, profit and privilege. The lessons now as then are the same – we die, the rich pillage, and their pride is our shame.

“All wars are fought for money.” Socrates (philosopher)

Saturday, 21 June 2014 13:45
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Afem2014 logoAFem2014 will be an anarcha-feminist conference held in London on Sunday, October 19th, 2014.  It is being organised by a group of anarcha-feminists of varying genders, backgrounds and histories.  We want to use AFem2014 to build concretely towards the transformation of our own experience, and towards toppling all institutions and ideas which oppress us.

AFem2014 will be the first of what we hope will be a series of international anarcha-feminist conferences.  We are spread across several different continents and speak a variety of languages, and we need to raise money to help with travel and accommodation costs for participants coming from far away.

We are also committed to making AFem2014 as inclusive as possible, and are taking donations to pay for BSL interpreters for the conference.

You can find more information about AFem2014 on our website,, and can get in touch on twitter or via email: afem (at)  If you can't make it this October but want to help out in some way, please consider donating to help us reach our goal.

To donate please follow this link:

Saturday, 14 June 2014 11:06
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Four public talks will take place in UK to mark the bi-centenary of the birth of anarchist revolutionary Mikhail Bakunin. We hope you can make one of them!

1) An Introduction to Bakunin
Wednesday June 18th, 7pm.
At Autonomous Centre of Edinburgh, 17 West Montgomery Place, Edinburgh

Convened by Edinburgh group of the Anarchist Federation

Disabled access.

2) The Spirit of Revolt: Bakunin
Sunday June 29th, 1pm

Speakers: Brian Morris (author of book on Bakunin) and speaker from Anarchist Federation

Convened by London group of Anarchist Federation and South-east England Region of Anarchist Federation

At the Common House Unit E, 5 Punderson Gardens, London, E2 (nearest tube Bethnal Green)
Disabled access.

3) Manchester on Friday June 27th, 7pm

At Subrosa (Manchester Social Centre), 27 Lloyd Street South, Moss Side, M14 7HS.

Organised by Manchester AF.

(not yet sure about Disabled access).

4)  Sheffield Anarchist Bookfair (Details of the event are here : ).

Saturday 12th July, 10am-6pm (there are the opening times for the bookfair as a whole - free/donation entry).

At Showroom Workstation, 15 Paternoster Row, Sheffield, South Yorkshire S1 2BX

Organised by the AF.

Disabled access.


Tuesday, 06 May 2014 19:05
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War is the Health of the State

International of Anarchist Federations, May 2014:

In today´s world, as in the past, war is a necessity for States to establish domination over other parts of the planet, to unite their own populations behind them against an external Enemy, to boost their own arms industries which are a growing part of their own economies. Increasingly, large corporations and financial institutions like the IMF and the World Bank in conjunction with states like the USA, France, China, Russia etc impose their economic domination through military force. Moreover the development of the nuclear power industry leads to a nuclear society of control and centralisation and a looming threat to human life and the environment. New technology (drones etc.) is used to kill more and more people and for increased State surveillance including the control of Fortress Europe borders against immigrants from Africa.

The search for minerals for these industries informs the fight by the different power blocs to establish control over important sources of uranium, oil and other minerals.
War is intimately bound up with environmental destruction as with the defoliation of the jungle during the Vietnam War and the huge environmental damage with the bombing of oil refineries during the Gulf Wars.

War involves the displacement of whole populations, enforced migration and the establishment of huge refugee camps. It triggers famine with attacks on crops and harvests. Mass rape is readily used as a weapon of terror and as a symptom of the distorted masculinity bred by militarism.
As well as manufactured threats like that of Islamic fundamentalism and once again those of the Russian Bear or of Western imperialist aggression, increasingly the threat of internal disorder , often provoked by the State itself, is used to create an internal enemy, The Enemy Within- whether this is youth gangs or political groups. The growing militarization of society is thus justified, with a developing presence of troops in the streets and at transport hubs, and an increasingly militarised police force.
The competing power blocs- USA, Russia, China, the European Union etc- seek their own spheres of influence on a global level, leading to an increasing tension as can be seen with the Ukrainian situation.

We oppose the drift towards the militarization of society and the drive towards war. Disputes over borders are used as a means by power blocs and nation states to trigger conflicts. The answer is not the solution of micro-nationalism (Scotland, Catalonia, etc) with the development of new small States with their own armed forces but a free federation of the peoples, with the destruction of the war industries, the disbanding of the armies and the disappearance of borders and the overthrow of capitalism itself. On a practical level we oppose their drive to war and the militarization of society with campaigns against military recruitment, support to all deserters and war resisters, mass civil disobedience and blockades and strikes against the shipment of arms and armies.

No borders
No wars
The sharing of all resources by the populations of the whole planet

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