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Sunday, 04 March 2012 22:09
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On the 9th of February at 6:30am in area of the institute "FIAN", a janitor found the body of Nikita Kalin, born 1991. At 8:00am police arrived, and at 11:00am, police contacted the mother of the murder victim. Nikita was from a simple working class family and never hide his anti-fascist and anarchist views. According to his mother, Nikita was stabbed 61 times and his ribs fractured multiple times, as well as having head wounds as well. No property was stolen. Currently a murder suspect has been arrested and the blood of Nikita was found on their clothes

It is obvious that Nikita was attacked by a group. The police also told the mother off the record that the detained suspect is a National Socialist activist and that he refuses to name any other co-conspirators. Despite the brutality of the murder the investigation has still not questioned the mother of Nikita, or his friend who was the last person who saw him alive. Due to this we suspect that there will be an attempt to cover the case, as often happens in Russia. The accused has already hired a lawyer

We suspect that the investigation is working in interests of the arrested,
and thus support is necessary. At this point, a human rights organisation has provided a lawyer, but funds are still needed for funeral costs.

In case you want to help friends and family of Nikita with funeral
costs, you may donate to Anarchist Black Cross of Moscow:
source (with photo of Nikita):
In photo, Nikita is in a local meeting against election fraud, holding a
placard reading "We do not need no authority! Liberty or death! Our candidate is

Written by
Anarchist Black Cross of Moscow
abc-msk (at) (Russian) (English)
P.O. Box 13 109028 Moscow Russia (please do not write name of the group on envelope)

Friday, 02 March 2012 17:57
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A riot broke out on January 18th at Fulham Correctional Centre in Sale, east of Melbourne in Australia. About 30 prisoners managed to sabotage prison equipment including setting fire to rubbish bins. Arming themselves with gym equipment and gardening tools they succeeded in climbing onto a roof of the jail and stayed there for about 12 hours. The prison was locked-down for three days. Police used tear gas in an attempt to get the prisoners off the roof. The authorities at the medium-security prison had imposed new regulations including stricter uniform rules and the scrapping of pay television. Robert Hastings who is an ex cop and the current Corrections Victoria Commissioner said, “What we had is a young group of males who decided that they would be disruptive and destructive and wouldn’t comply with what prison authorities wanted to do”. Fulham Prison was built to accommodate 650 prisoners now 840 people are in the jail.
Friday, 02 March 2012 17:56
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On Friday 3rd February, campaigners returned to Atos Healthcare’s offices in Notttingham. ATOS (poverty pimps) are the multinational company with a £500 million contract from the government to carry out the tests which are central to deciding whether or not people get sickness benefits.

This is all part of the wider attack on the majority of us, to try and make us pay for the greed of the rich This was the first protest there since a demonstration on September 30th last year, part of a national day of action, which ended with two of the participants being arrested, and subsequently charged, with aggravated trespass.

While the charges were dropped in January, the protest was a reminder to Atos that people have not been intimidated by the arrests and that protests will continue as long as they are making people’s lives a misery.

There were around 30 people, an impressive turnout given the extreme cold. There were two brief speeches. The first delivered by one of the “Atos Two” was about their own experience of the criminal justice system and the need to continue the fight against both Atos and the economic system of which it is a product.

The second speech focussed on the policing of protest (touching on the publication the previous day of the HMIC report into this matter), arguing that the police would always be used to render protest ineffective in a class system and that this would only become more obvious as the government sought to impose “austerity” on an unwilling populace.
Friday, 02 March 2012 17:56
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In August 2012 anarchists from all over the world will be gathering in St Imier, Switzerland for a week of events to mark the 140th anniversary of the founding of the Anarchist International- a major split with the authoritarian international of Karl Marx. This split represents a fundamental divide between those who believe that communism can be imposed from above, and those who believe that we can only have true communism if we have freedom as well. How we get where we want to go is as important as where we want to go.

As part of the process of building up to the summer event, the AF is hosting a series of meetings around the country. The theme of the meetings is the struggle against authoritarianism- from St Imier to today. The following issues will be discussed:
• The background to St Imier and what was involved in the split
• How the struggle against authoritarianism continued in key revolutions such as Russia and Spain
• The debate about human ‘nature’ and why humans do not need authority to flourish
• The role of authoritarian tendencies in struggles today eg the cuts movement, the strikes in the public sector, the student movement and within the anarchist movement itself
• Examples of organising without authority

Friday, 02 March 2012 17:55
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Support the call-out for an International Week of Action against Ryanair, on the 12-18 March Hold pickets of airports where Ryanair put on flights, offices of Ryanair and agencies / recruitment fairs through which they hire staff.

Picket the Cheltenham Festival, which Ryanair sponsors, and particularly the Ryanair Chase on Thursday 15 March.

Phone, fax and email Ryanair to complain about exploitative recruitment practices.
To contact Ryanair and complain about their practices, below are the easiest ways to contact them.
Phone: +353 1 812 1212
Fax: +353 1 812 1676

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