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Wednesday, 03 April 2013 18:37
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The FdA (Föderation Deutschsprachiger AnarchistInnen), like AF, are a member organisation of the International of Anarchist Federations. They have produced this new statement about their organisational development. We wish them all the best and look forward to continued cooperation.

From forum to federation – the Federation of German speaking Anarchists (FdA)

At our last meeting in Witten, we decided to rename ourselves into the Federation of German speaking Anarchists in order to reflect the upswing in our structures.

Even though it is still a long way for us to be present in all of the German speaking region, we still wanted to dare this step and proclaim the Federation of German speaking Anarchists. We lay great stress on the fact that we, of course, don’t see us as the “federation of all anarchists” and therefore don’t presume to be the sole legitimate representation of anarchists. Nevertheless, anarchists from all currents are welcome to join us, as long as they concur with our principles.

“German speaking” means in this context the geographical language area, especially Germany, Austria and the Northern part of Switzerland. As anarchists we want to overcome nations and state borders, a fact that we want to stress by widening the scope of the organization to this language area. Language as a criterium doesn’t have an identitary meaning for us, it’s simply the most reasonable thing regarding the daily practice – not everyone of us has the knowledge of other languages and translating all relevant information would overextend our possiblities (for now at least). Nonetheless, we have good contacts to federations and groups in other regions.

There were several reasons for this step from forum to federation: one the one hand, after a phase of stagnation in the work of FdA over the last years there is a fresh breeze and a lot of interest in supraregional networking. On the other, a lot of anarchist groups have been newly founded over the last three years. General interest in anarchist ideas has risen noticeably too. Many groups from the Southwest of Germany have joined FdA in the last year, for example, as the first regional federation, the Anarchist Network Southwest*. Furthermore, we are present with groups in many other regions of the German speaking area, but also with a
printers’ collective in Zurich, Switzerland. At the moment, large efforts are made to form a common organization of groups in the Rhine-Ruhr region, that is closely linked to FdA. For over two years, our monthly newspaper, the Gaidao, has been published as an online document, and since January also in a printed version.

We consider it important to create structures that are free of domination, to experiment with them, to gain new experiences and to consolidate those structures by doing so. We want to use our common resources in a better way, to learn from each other, to organize and practice solidarity. Together, we want to look at the bigger picture, be active supraregionally and globally. For a common international organization FdA is part of the IFA, the International of Anarchist Federations. IFA offers us the opportunity of an exchange of ideas with anarchists from around the globe and to be able to help each other in our local struggles.

Unlike other regions, like the Iberian peninsula, the French speaking region or the British Isles, we cannot resort to an organization that is functioning for decades, but need to develop a lot by ourselves. But we can see that also as a chance. We can learn from the experiences of other federations. This process is a neverending one, as it calls for a constant query and improvement of our own structures, our practices, our way of life. Of course, by proclaiming the Anarchist Federation we haven’t achieved our goal yet. Especially now, that we can see a rise in social struggles in other countries, as the capitalist crisis widens and countless people are left with nothing, as nationalism, racism, antisemitism and other inhuman ideologies are on the rise and there is a greater danger of facing fascist parties and organizations, it is important to organize ourselves against these impositions at a larger scale.

We won’t tire to fight against oppresion, exploitation and domination in order to overcome them as a whole.

With this in mind:

Live anarchy – organize anarchism!

Federation of German speaking Anarchists (FdA – IFA)

March 21, 2013

Thursday, 28 March 2013 16:21
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National demo against privatisation on 25th March 2013 - University of Sussex - updates

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Saturday, 16 March 2013 19:32
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The people want the fall of the system!

Revolutionaries of the world,

On the occasion of the World Social Forum which will be held in Tunisia during March 2013, we believe that the liberal reformist approach opted for by the organizing bureaucracy of the Forum will in no way lead to a revolutionary project for the people of the world. Even though the event is presented as an opportunity for the revolutionaries coming from all corners of the globe to meet, we deem that the ultimate objective, namely the collapse of the capitalist system, will not be taken into consideration.

Read full article:

Call-out by Instances of revolutionary action / Disobedience Movement

E-mail : This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Tuesday, 05 March 2013 17:48
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Anti-Capitalist Block. Ljubljana. March 1, 2013.

GOTOVI SO! They are all finished!

Three months ago people in Slovenia rose up in a decentralized massive revolt. It marked the start of an intense and largely self-organized resistance to the crisis. This uprising started in Maribor against the corrupt major and city council, but was borne out of more than 20 years of transition politics and capital accumulation that further increased inequality and powerlessness. The slow privatization of society never meant to give us a good life and now it is being rejected all over. It is in the common daily and exceptional practices that challenge the relationships of power that we see our uprising. Like the resistance taking place all around Europe, this is a process with many diferent forms of struggle and expression. All are equally important and none should be ignored, pushed aside or criminalized. It is in this multitude that we engage in a process that re-orientates power towards control over our own lives and that cannot be captured, branded or instrumentalised by any partcular interests, groups or partes. In this way, it opens a process of reclaiming space for people to intervene in the discourse of the crisis politics being applied across Europe.

This is why we say the uprising belongs to everyone and all of us!

The systematic call from the start to throw out the political elite has made it clear that this process is about more than any single politician or particular clique. The corruption of individuals in power is just the extreme example of the actual corruption we are fighting: the system itself. This is why we need continue the fight beyond the fall of the current government and beyond the borders of our cites and our states. We are demanding a different process, a constituent process based on the fulfilment of our needs. No-one in power will benevolently offer us alternatives so we will impose them from the bottom up!

This is why we say no-one represents us and we won't discriminate: they are all finished!

In the months since the uprising started we have seen increasingly draconian attacks from the police. We are being intmidated in our homes and common spaces; we are being sprayed with tear gas and pepper spray; we are being beaten and detained for fictitious reasons and for long periods without charges; we are being persecuted and tried. The uprising itself has been criminalized! The rising police state is a clear indication that the resistance going on here and around Europe has shaken those in positons of economic and state power. The process is happening without any question of the systemic violence we face every day, which has a hugely negatve impact on our lives. The financial markets and banks attack our means of social reproduction, take our homes and threaten us with debts; the state does the dirty work of keeping us quiet during this robbery.

That is why we say there are police everywhere and justice nowhere!

This is an uprising that goes beyond the specific, local processes in Slovenia. It goes to the heart of the great lie: that a market economy and privatized industry, services and property will eventually lead to the prosperity of all people. The project of a neo-liberal Europe, a consttuent process from above, is the main poster selling us this lie, while it socializes the cost on us for a crisis we didn't create. The system gets accumulaton, we get austerity. We cannot struggle against a transnatonal system of capital if we are locked in our naton-states. Indeed, we are transcending parochial identities, historical myths and politcal borders in this struggle.

This is why we say transnationalize the uprising! We extend a call to join the common process to all.

See also: Federation of Anarchist Organising, Slovenia:

Balkans Anarchist Bookfair 24-26 May 2013, Ljubljana – Slovenia:

Saturday, 16 February 2013 17:23
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The first of the Belarus ABC info-tour and solidarity events took place at Freedom bookshop in London yesterday evening with 24 people attending, which is a great start. The evening included a presentation with videos.

The tour continues in Brighton tomorrow night (Sunday) before returning for a second London meeting on Tuesday, then the tour will continue around England, Wales and Scotland for 13 dates in all until March 7th. Follow this link to find a meeting venue near you and to read background information about the tour:

This is a major speaking tour about prisoners in Belarus by a visiting activist - a rare chance to find out about what is going on and to see how you can support them. Anarchists and political activists in general are facing intense repression from the Belarus government. Details about prisoners in English:

The Info-tour is supported by the Anarchist Federation and the International of Anarchist Federations. Local anarchist and ABC groups have put in a fantastic effort to arrange and host these events.

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